ONO (Yoko), LENNON (John) (Contributes).
[this is not here]

Original gallery invitation/ instruction artwork. 276 x 213 mm; 1l. folded twice; two b&w line drawings and text, offset lithograph on off-white paper with the printing on one side only. Edition size unknown. Syracuse, Everson Museum, 1971.      

The sheet has been folded twice for the purpose of mailing. Fine, crisp copy. A scarce item with only two copies listed on OCLC. 

An exhibition invitation and instruction piece designed collaboratively by Yoko Ono and George Maciunas, with the invite text naming John Lennon alongside as guest artist. 

On the left portion of the sheet is Water Talk a poem originally written by Ono for her Half-A-Wind show at Lisson Gallery in 1967 and included in her artist’s book Grapefruit. Here the poem text takes the shape of a vase with two flowers drawn at its head. The opposite panel outlines details for the show this is not here taking place on Oct 9, 1971 at the Everson Museum of Art. As part of the show Ono describes a water event inviting guests to produce a water sculpture in collaboration with her by submitting a container, or idea of one, to which she would add water. In companion to the poem the invitation text reproduces the image of a bottle/ vessel with a stopper drawn at the top. 

this is not here is described in the exhibition catalogue as a ‘show of unfinished paintings and sculpture’. This was a major Fluxus event and a semi-retrospective of Ono’s career to date. The opening day was on Lennon’s 31st birthday and was attended by guests including Ringo Starr, Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol, Frank Zappa, Jack Nicholson, John Cage and Dennis Hopper. 

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